Elizabeth Bunny

Elizabeth Bunny was a lady divine,

seemingly simple, with an unusual shine.

She often smelled of vanilla and sage

And no one could ever guess her age.

She was born in an ancient small town

that flourished, mostly when she was around.

She hasn’t been there for quite a while.

No wonder it has been falling down.

“Elizabeth” wasn’t her real name

as for “Bunny” – she got as a young dame

She never liked gossip and fame.

So Elizabeth Bunny to all she remained.

What do I do?

I don’t fight villains or nemesis old.

I don’t search for riches – treasures of gold.

I don’t battle with demons, goblins, and orks.

I don’t carry guns, knives, swords, not even a fork.

I conquer invisible fears beyond a veil – so very thin.

My fight is with people’s insecurities deep within.

I came back to life from the magical touch of transformation

with a deep knowing that change is a part of every creation.

I’ll show you every day is perfect, even if it’s not sunny.

And my name is Elizabeth Bunny.

Why am I here?

The world is full of confusion

with good people often lost in illusions,

sharing a collective traumatic existence

without the proper magic assistance.

I came here without hesitating too much

to help people remember divinity’s touch.

My mission solely is to help you see –

you already have everything you need

to live out to your full potential.

That love and goodness are essential

for a world – released of pride, fear, and vanity

and for a better future for our humanity.

The Birth of Elizabeth Bunny

Why am I here?

I was a rare white swallow,
lost in the woods – dark and hollow.
Winnowing my tiny wings till an exhaust.
I closed my eyes – cold, all alone in the frost.
Touched by an Angel, I gazed at a light
and saw the Goddess Freyja, so divinely bright.
She lifted me and warmed me with a ray from above
and whispered the words that embraced me with love.
There’s a famous legend that you might have heard
about Ostara’s hare, who too was once a bird.
Just like him, I closed my eyes forever only to find
I was born again, stronger in body, soul, and mind.
I’m a powerful bunny that can travel through time and space
I was reborn where parallels cross in the most magical place.
And because life is an infinite, constant transformation,
Now I am here to help you out of any depression and stagnation.