Keyboard rafts don’t float in ink

                                       How many times have you touched a pen throughout your summer or on your vacation? How many times have you sat on the computer?  The answer to that question will probably give you a hint as to what my point might be.  In ancient times people used rocks and dye made of plants to write on the walls of the caves, they used their fingers to write in the sand. Then chalk was invented and allowed them to save their writing for a longer period of time. In ancient Alexandria, scholars wrote on parchments, made of sheepskin that was used up to mediaeval times. However we hardly draw on cave walls, and teachers hardly use chalk on the boards. Just the same, the pen will become a tool from an ancient era for the generations to come. The computer keyboard has become a lot more popular, a lot easier, and gives us the ability to write a lot faster.

In our daily routine the pen has become almost redundant. When do we use it? We use it only when we have to fill in an application or sign documents. Have you ever had the weird sensation of holding a pen, after you haven’t written by hand for months? It is a very odd feeling isn’t it? Well, this is exactly what happened to chalk and the parchment and the rock… Of course, we can use all of those tools now, if we want to, but we find it much easier to just type it all on the computer… The keyboard is our safety raft today, and it surely doesn’t float in ink in the future.

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