The Message

…Later that day I received a message on my phone that said “You were the only one there, you know who killed me!” It was from my wife, she kept my phone number and charged my phone, just to hear my voice on the Voice Mail, after I passed away 6 months ago. 26.02.2014 © Ami Tola, 2014 This Shadow Section is for original two sentence scary stories A little darkness is always better. farmacia here more inf valoron…

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A flash

    Knowing that your entire life is a flash in another cosmic object’s life can be both inspirational and disappointing. I, for one thing, prefer my flash to be a bright one! 🙂 -Ami Tola info trenbolone

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Life is short,  so don’t argue with it. – Ami Tola (2013) dentist in new york san diego plastic surgery натяжные потолки в минске cialis

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