Some of my poems translated in English


Look around, be the first to really see Now it is time to change and be set free A world with a price without feelings is a prison Deep inside you know that faith and love don’t need a reason We can be higher and higher and We can make it to our Neverland We are powerful beyond belief You just have to believe and let love love love flow Be free of directions and you will find your way…

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How many people would remember that your smile can make us all surrender? How many words are floating there left unsaid while you wait there almost dead? All the memories of you just flashing back will soon seize to live even in the dark. How many tears tomorrow will be shed as you lay there almost dead? Can anyone be trusted to remember when memories are born dismembered? How could our hearts be so upset while you sleep there… almost…

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On the edge of insanity

No sleep in countless days awareness addles the forlorn mind repeating horrific moments and I pray to the point I don’t believe they’re mine. To be at peace with a memory so bright I must become a lurid monster I shall never ever see the light only shadows in the dark that maunder. My Insanity! My Soul! My Master! Leave me be in selfish peace! My heart can beat no faster than the echoed breath in silent ease. My lost…

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With a weak and drowsy head limbs still sleepy, almost dead, I woke up in a silent winter day and at once decided inside to stay. Bored I mourned my blemish soul, so eager to fly like a helpless fowl… The ache of burning memory flashes turned my emotions into ember ashes. In sour madness, my mind was gone, therefore senses, at that time, I had none. So bursting in tears I fell on the floor. Chased by my fears,…

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The Birth Of Love

The birth of Love  Poem Once upon a time was born a feeling, that soon grew and frolicked among us freely, made us drunk and happy, day and night, and shone on us like no other weary light. Love – we called it and it sang so sweetly, enchanted all the living – lifting swiftly. And only with an instant, flimsy grasp, it held our hearts and tickled them till gasp. From mortal beasts, turned into puppet dolls, we were…

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