Look around, be the first to really see

Now it is time to change and be set free

A world with a price without feelings is a prison

Deep inside you know that faith and love don’t need a reason

We can be higher and higher and

We can make it to our Neverland

We are powerful beyond belief

You just have to believe

and let love love love flow

Be free of directions and you will find your way

Dreams become a reality and they’re here to stay

Don’t stop just because of one shut door

You have plenty of chances to be so much more

We can be higher and higher and

We can make it to our Neverland

We are powerful beyond belief,

You just have to believe

and let love love love flow

You can be anything you want to be

Because love and life are the real equity

We can be higher and higher and

We can make it to our Neverland

We are powerful beyond belief,

You just have to believe

Like me… and let love love flow


How many people would remember
that your smile can make us all surrender?

How many words are floating there left unsaid
while you wait there almost dead?
All the memories of you just flashing back
will soon seize to live even in the dark.
How many tears tomorrow will be shed
as you lay there almost dead?
Can anyone be trusted to remember
when memories are born dismembered?
How could our hearts be so upset
while you sleep there… almost dead?
Who cares what future spreads ahead
as you don’t feel there? You are dead.


On the edge of insanity

No sleep in countless days

awareness addles the forlorn mind

repeating horrific moments and I pray

to the point I don’t believe they’re mine.

To be at peace with a memory so bright

I must become a lurid monster

I shall never ever see the light

only shadows in the dark that maunder.

My Insanity! My Soul! My Master!

Leave me be in selfish peace!

My heart can beat no faster

than the echoed breath in silent ease.

My lost forgotten soul stands

there on the edge of insanity at last!

My mind shall flow into unknown lands

as the hands of dawn touch the meadow of my past.

Ami Tola (2007)

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With a weak and drowsy head

limbs still sleepy, almost dead,

I woke up in a silent winter day

and at once decided inside to stay.

Bored I mourned my blemish soul,

so eager to fly like a helpless fowl…

The ache of burning memory flashes

turned my emotions into ember ashes.

In sour madness, my mind was gone,

therefore senses, at that time, I had none.

So bursting in tears I fell on the floor.

Chased by my fears, I reached for the door.

But even the door was so far, far away

and while reaching my memory went astray…

I forgot why I reached for that stupid door

and, again, bursting in tears I fell on the floor.

I realized something that was there all along.

It started repeating in my head like a tedious song.

That annoying voice: a dreadful, stubborn sound

that pinned all of my emotions to the ground,

wouldn’t just let me be in peace,

unless my body rested helplessly – dead that is.

The voice whispered repeatedly “never” in my ear.

“Never” was the word that combined all of my fears.

I shouted at the effigy I saw in the crooked mirror:

“Spare me, I cannot stand this! Bring my ending nearer!”

Breaking the silence again, the voice hissed “NEVER” in my ear.

It drove me so mad that I couldn’t see clear!

I grabbed my reflection and threw it out the window!

But suddenly I was up in the air trying to winnow!

I fell on the ground and I couldn’t lift my body anymore.

My eyes gazed at a blade of grass as my sight began to soar.

Freeing from that fear, my reflection vanished into the void,

for NEVER is the word that can never have me destroyed…

By Ami Tola (2006)

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The Birth Of Love

The birth of Love 


Once upon a time was born a feeling,

that soon grew and frolicked among us freely,

made us drunk and happy, day and night,

and shone on us like no other weary light.

Love – we called it and it sang so sweetly,

enchanted all the living – lifting swiftly.

And only with an instant, flimsy grasp,

it held our hearts and tickled them till gasp.

From mortal beasts, turned into puppet dolls,

we were couples with twirled heads and flying souls.

One day the Gods and Goddesses got frankly bored,

daring thunders shook the grounds – they snored.

What they felt … Well, “envy” is hardly the word.

Let’s say… It was a time for change in the tender world.

Then in just a moment amid the colors of the vivid Earth

to many sneaky, twisted feelings was given birth.

Soon they chased all who had fallen in love,

until there were no other but the Gods to think of.

Thereafter was to be no more joyful laughter and giggly sounds,

only bitter, jealous hearts in the wicked dance of doubts.

And to this grayish, present day love hides,

within the noble souls and clear minds,

Only those worthy to be it’s warm and cozy lair,

Shall meet true love and share it with care.


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