Here you will see all of my new books translated chapter by chapter.

The Confused Conqueror – Nonsense 1

Nonsense 1   Bar “Sitting on a stump” Every story in the history of the universe has the ability to become great,especially when there aren’t any witnesses left, to be recalled. The Confussed Conqueror     My new friend – The Confussed Conqueror hadn’t been to a bar ever since he cosmocrashed on the Dizzy Planet. Having that in mind I decided that it’s more than mandatory for me to take him to bar “Sitting on a stump”, but before I did…

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The Confused Conqueror – Begining

Nonsense 0 The Confused Conqueror cosmocrashes    It was dark… I can’t tell you exactly when and it’s not really of any importance… Anyways, I can assure you that I have never seen such dense darkness  piled up in one place in our unlimited space… Here on our small but very big Dizzy Planet, we often get days like this. You may go ahead and think it’s a night but it’s actually not. And we also have nights so bright, that…

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