The Confused Conqueror 


This is Ami Tola’s debut novel. It was first published in Bulgaria in 2010 and received a national award ‘National Leader’ from The Free Writers Association the same year.

The Confused Conqueror is a fictional character, who will immediately gain your sympathies and will stay true to your fair judgment from the beginning to the end.  You will cosmocrash with him on The Dizzy planet and immerce into a wonderfully-weird world of abstracts and absurds. There you will have  good laughs and cries with the Dizzilings and you will learn to love the little imperfections, which we all tend to notice with a grunt.

You will be able to rediscover some newnesses and oldnesses… You will also loose and find yourself a couple of times. Your trustworthy guide will be The Nameless Stranger. Don’t worry if he doesn’t know where he is sometimes, it all comes from his bad habit of arguing with directions.


                                             Stage Play

train finalPelynsky is a talented painter, struggling for survival, who is forced to live with his mother and younger half-brother. His best friends – Emo – a rap-singer waiting for his big break, Silvy – a suicidal poetess and Daniel – a drama school dropout become homeless and they ask Pelynsky if they could stay at his place for a while. After a few drinks he accepts.  Daniel sleeps in the bathroom on an old mattress, Emo sleeps on the sofa, Silvy – in the kitchen and Pelinsky’s half-brother is forced to occupy the terrace. After a while, “the new family” decides that they can give Madam Lidia Pelynsky’s bedroom for rent and draw some income into the household… Little do they know…? This act will lead to some mysterious events that will change their lives forever.

Humor and hunger hang over the hung over family… What will happen! Catch the train to find out.

Note:  “Train” was first introduced to the public as a musical on an international festival “Sunrise 2011” in Bulgaria. It received an international award for best youth stage play, and a second place in the contest.

                                        Good morning, hell! 

                                        Stage Play

HELLBOOKSPeter – unachieved writer with a phobia of people

The Guest – a mysterious new neighbor

The Shadow – an unknown creature that later presents itself as The Devil

 Hope – an attractive young student who has just moved into the building

In “Good morning, hell!” Peter fights with his own fears and his past that has come to haunt him. The Mysterious Guest happens to know a lot about him but never reveals himself to Peter. In some strange way, the young writer becomes attached to his new friend and is surprised that he is able to open his heart for someone. The guest helps him overcome his fears and battle with his memories. Although Peter faces the reality for the first time, he is surprisingly strong. Unexpected events, force Peter to make vital decisions to stay alive. A shadow creature – a demon puts his faith through a test. Will the writer fall for the cheap manipulations or will his inner voice prevail?  The battle for Peter’s soul is vicious.

The stage play was published in 2012 in Bulgaria. It is currently in the process of translation.


                                           Stage Play

UPDOWNBOOKSWith its strange notion, “Up-Down” is an unusual anecdotal stage play, from the absurdist fiction genre. The two characters -Rosemaryn and Lupin gallop through the history of mankind with the help of a ladder, which they call “height” and a garbage can, which they sometimes refer to as “prison”. They transit through different political systems by rising to power and hitting rock bottom, always quarreling. Their weapons are their own believes.  Through the different stages of rising and “falling off” power Rosemaryn and Lupin unintentionally come to realize that there is something more to life, than struggle for power, and that it is better to have someone close to fight with, rather than to be all alone in the world. Although from completely different backgrounds the two characters somehow manage to become friends and see beyond the vicious circle of reality. They find a new wisdom, and a new way of living. Although, innocent and absurd their insights are actually very deep conclusions, but only for those who can look closer and see deeper. “Up-Down” was published in 2012.


                                                   Mind your own business 

                                                 The  Freelancer’s Handbook 

HANDBOOKBOOOKS“Mind your own business” is a hand book for freelancers, copywriters, extraterrestrials and other fellows. Although it is a bit comic, this handbook might be able to prepare you for the freelance world, and give you real advice, from experience, on how to find alternative sources of income in the economic crisis we are facing today.

Indeed crises have always been inevitable when mankind decided to transit from one economic order to another, but they are not so scary when you have a proper handbook to guide you. The informational era is accompanied by huge changes every day. They make the world spin faster and faster, in order to cope with that fastness, you need some humor and some creativity. “Mind your own business” is merely here to give you all the answers – it’s just here to motivate you and give you some ideas.

“Mind your own business” – the freelancer’s handbook was published in Bulgaria in 2012.


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