Ami Tola  (born Eva Ivanova) is a Bulgarian/Canadian novelist and playwright. She published her first novel ‘The Confused Conqueror’ in Bulgaria, when she was only 21 years old. The novel received a national award from the Bulgarian Free writers Association in 2010.

During her years in university, she attended a theater workshop. Ami Tola played the role of the gypsy in “Sumatoha” by Yordan Radichkov, aunt Zlata in  “Civilization Wrongly Understood” by Voinikov,  and the landlady in “Mr. Mortagon” by Ivan Vazov.

She even played the role of the mother – Lidia Pelinska in her own stage play ‘Train’ (published in 2010). Her first play won an international award for best youth stage play and 2nd place at the the  International Youth Festival – Festival of youth theater ‘Burgas Sunrise 2011’.

 Ami Tola recieved her Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations in 2011.  She was the Vice President of The Bulgarian Free Writers Association Affialite in Burgas. Ami Tola currently works as a copywriter, translator, and PR specialist at FabWriting.


Strange facts about Ami Tola: Is a sleepwalker and an ambidextrous and invert mirror writer. 

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