Dear visitor,

First, I want to apologize to you, because this web site is probably not going to be what you expect. It is not going to be flashy, fancy fairy tale type of a web site with “noble” vampires, magical creatures, flying kids on broomsticks, girls saving parallel universes or anything of the kind. If you find this rather disappointing, I hope that you’ll forgive my lack of modern imagination, for it is only human to suffer from mediocrity.

I believe that it is mandatory for artists to devote themselves to God, understand that it is He who has granted them the gift of art, and most importantly follow their intuition. With talent comes a great responsibility. Responsibility itself is a talent recognized by few. A real artist mustn’t create anything against his believes in any circumstances. No writer can combine all of the knowledge and wisdom in the world and synthesize it in a single book. If someone tells you differently, I advise them to reconsider.

A writer with a muse and a sense of purpose is here to contribute to the world with his own understanding of life and art. If you don’t quite agree with his view, be certain that someone somewhere in the world does, don’t judge them too hard. If you are a writer and someone does nоt agree with your point of view, be fair, for not all of the people on this planet are brought up to be like you. Indulgence is а noble quality, wield only by people who are able to see themselves in the mirror.

This web site is meant to tell you stories about life. It is quite simple, because I have been guided by my own believes and conclusions only. I’m not going to teach you how to become a millionaire, how to seduce people, open a bank safe, and I’m not going to give you secret directions to the holy grail. With this web site I’m making an attempt to make myself a better person. I’m making an attempt to make you a better person.

Sincerely yours,

Ami Tola

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